Global Ukon 8-inch Chef's Knife

Global Ukon 8-inch Chef's Knife

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Global’s brand new UKON Knife range, designed to provide an innovative and modern twist on this world-renowned brand’s classic and award-winning kitchen knives. The GU-01 all-purpose chef’s knife is ideal for almost any kitchen task – the 20cm blade will make short work of preparing vegetables, meat and fish, as well as intricate tasks such as peeling garlic cloves or finely chopping herbs.

With ultra-sharp blades constructed from CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel, sharpened to a 15˚ acute angle, Global UKON knives offer 10% extra sharpness out of the box. A slightly thicker and heavier blade than Classic knives - as well as a dual smooth and textured handle surface - provides a steadier, more precise grip than ever before.