Kasumi 9.5" Chef's Knife

Kasumi 9.5" Chef's Knife

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The Kasumi 9.5-inch Chef’s Knife offers a longer blade than other models, providing increased reach and leverage, which maximizes productivity and efficiency by slicing and dicing larger amounts of food. The 9.5-inch version promotes efficiency in commercial or personal kitchens by enabling larger portions of food to be cut at one time.

The Kasumi Chef’s Knife is a versatile kitchen knife, ideal for a variety of tasks like chopping, cubing, dicing, mincing, trimming, slicing and cutting a wide range of ingredients from meat to herbs.

Kasumi knives are produced by Sumikama Cutlery in Seki, Japan. Sumikama Cutlery specializes in producing knives from the most advanced materials with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Kasumi V-Gold No. 10 Damascus Pattern knives are made from 33 layers of stainless steel. Only the middle layer acts as the cutting edge, and it is made using V-Gold No. 10 stainless steel. V-Gold No. 10 is a high carbon stainless steel with cobalt, manganese, molybdenum and vanadium for added durability and ease of sharpening. The addition of cobalt to this steel requires special tempering in order to maximize the full benefit of this steel.

  • Damascus pattern is eye catching and rust free
  • The edge is beveled on both sides, but the bevel is much larger than the bevel on a European or American brand and creates a sharper edge
  • The asymmetrical handle is made from multiple layers of wood impregnated with a plastic resin and is riveted to the full tang
  • Kasumi knives are produced by Sumikama Cutlery in Seki, Japan